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Abigail Collins - Buttabing ! Buttaboom ! Buttafly ! at Out There 2012

lundi 24 septembre 2012 , par Darren Cross

You don’t mess with Abigail Collins ! In this show, she performs as one of her alter-egos, the streetwise New Yorker, Angel Rodriguez.

With acrobatics, some impressive hula hooping and a little pole dancing Abigail leads the audience on a comedy life-story of the feisty Ms Rodriguez.

The show is part stand-up comedy, part circus, part tribute act. Throughout the audience interaction is constant. They almost become part of the story with the finale seeing Abigail/Angel bring together various participants as she performs a hip hop rendition of Madame Butterfly.

Abigail has mastery of the audience throughout as she cajoles them to do her bidding. The feisty attitude worked particularly well here at Out There, with lots of young people and women relating particularly to her strong character.

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