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Atelier 231 meets and greets NoFit State

lundi 11 avril 2011 , par auteur Sylvain Marchand (traduction Mathilde Vautier)

trad article traduction [English] [français]

The team at Atelier 231 welcomed Welsh company NoFitState around a meet-dnd-greet drink. An opportunity to introduce everyone and get to know each other in an informal way.

Daniel Andrieu, Atelier 231’s Director , and Ali Williams, NoFit State’s co-Director, both introduced their teams, accompanied by Camille Beamier, the company’s production assistant and Mathilde Vautier, ZEPA coordinator.

The company will be in residence at Atelier 231 until the 8th May, and will present their work in progress during a show-and-tell informal event, on 5th May, at 7pm.

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