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Bash Street Theatre Company

Comic-strip theatre - UK / Cornwall

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The Strong Man
- Coproduction and residency : Le Fourneau in 2012
- Programmed at : Jeudis du Port (Brest) in 2012

Cliffhanger and The Station
- Coproduction : Hat Fair (Winchester) for The Station in 2008
- Programmed at : Hat Fair (Winchester) in 2008 ; Fish & Chips (Sotteville-lès-Rouen), touring Normandy-based festivals (les festivals Z’Amis), Archifête (Petit-Couronne) in 2010

Bash Street Theatre Company produce inventive and fast-moving comic-strip shows, featuring a fusion of live music, physical theatre and circus skills. Street shows, walkabouts and mid-scale productions are toured to indoor/outdoor venues and festivals throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

The company, based both in Cornwall and Brittany in France, performed their first ever show at the international street-arts festival le FAR in Morlaix in 1991. This first show, a compilation of sketches involving circus skills, live music and silent comedy, proved so popular that it created a style for the company that still exists today.

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