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Beau Geste in the Arts des Hauts events: pictures

Tuesday 6 September 2011 , by Sylvain Marchand (Translation  Mathilde Vautier)

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Moment of mechanical grace between a man and a digger, Transports Exceptionnels is a choregraphic performance developed by Dominique Boivin, Beau Geste artistic director, now travelling around the world thanks to the success of the show.

After being part of the Hat Fair programme in Winchester this year for the 37th edition of the festival, l’Atelier 231 also chose to invite the Normandie-based company as part of the ZEPA project for the 8th edition of the Arts des Hauts event in Rouen, on 2nd and 3rd September 2011.

It was a real summery weather for the Beau Geste performance, kicking off 2 days of celebrations, in front of about 200 people, mainly families, sat on benches or grass areas.

Unexpected encounter between flesh and iron, Transports exceptionnels didn’t leave anybody cold, as the tension between the body and the machine is made of poetry and urban lyricism.

The entrance of the digger, slowly reaching the performance area like a tank entering an arena, made a great impression, especially on the little boys in the audience that day!

Was it a dream while being awake? The crane, their object of fantasy, then took a titanic turn through this sudden new relationship between man and machine...the amazement on their faces was proportionate to the giant scale of the machine.

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