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A parade of birds takes over Saint-Pierre area

Monday 21 June 2010 , by Marie Sicaud , Yffic Cloarec (Translation  Valérie Gooch)

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A successful first night for the parade of birds organised on Friday in Amiens’s Saint-Pierre area.

It is a good start for a risky though interesting initiative” Nordine Allal, Amiens Circus School Director says with delight. Many people took part in the “Birds Parade” on Friday afternoon. It is the first performance of this creation inspired by French poet and playwright Aristophane’s comedy of the same title.

Local organisations such as the Childrens Centre and various schools have created and prepared their own costumes to form troops of birds and strolled down the streets of Saint-Pierre. And they did burst with imagination! Small multicolour feathered creatures and acrobats, or other birds with books replacing the heads...all have invaded the local area. The Saint-Pierre Harmony as well as the students of the Circus School joined in the procession.

"The local residents got involved and it highlights the various identities and sensitivities in the procession. It is a community initiative everyone can join in", Nourdine Allal continues. The show should get bigger in the next “Fête dans la Ville” edition and can be reproduced in a much larger scale. "We could envisage reproducing the experience in big cities of Europe and highlighting the identities of the various areas".

Below, a selection of photos from Joël Verhoustraeten


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