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Brest’s warm welcome to ZEPA

Tuesday 6 April 2010 , by Mathilde Vautier

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The second 2010 ZEPA meeting was held on 30th March - 1st April in Brest. The team at Le Fourneau, both staff and volunteers, treated the partners to a warm welcome.

The seminar was also the opportunity to meet with other partners and organisations: the ZEPA team were invited to a reception in Brest Town Hall, with elected members, including Jean-Pierre Condemine, Brest Sous-Préfet (County Council Deputy Director) and Gaëlle Abily, Councillor for Brest, lead member for Culture, and people from local authorities and local organisations; British company Wet Picnic provided the British humour touch with their “Dinner Table”. Then Marc Dufournaud, Directeur of Brest Evènements Nautiques and Jean-Claude Lardic, Councillor for Brest, lead member for Leisure and Communities, presented the Fêtes Maritimes Brest 2012, huge maritime event held in Brest every four years, in which ZEPA could be involved. Bruitquicourt companie, in residence at the time, also treated the partners to a dressed rehearsal of their latest show.

A special note to the volunteers at Le Fourneau, who had to take on roles as varied as crêpes-makers, car drivers, waiters or translators! An opportunity to thank them as well as the rest of the team for a successful seminar.

At Brest Town Hall

The British ZEPA partners

At Le Fourneau, with the team, the volunteers, the ZEPA partners and members of two companies; with, on the table, traditional Molène Island sausages and crepes...

With Marc Dufournaud and Jean-Claude Lardic

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