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Captive Equivoque at Saint Pierre Primary School

lundi 21 juin 2010 , par Marie Sicaud , Yffic Cloarec (Traduction  Mathilde Vautier)

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On Saturday evening, French company Equivoque presented their show by the same name. A moment of tenderness with the audience.

A chinese mat stood in the middle of St Pierre Primary School’s playground. Ode Rosset moves up and down and improvises. She climbs, hangs from the mat, turns herself around it and lets go to stops herself at the last minute, just a few inches from the ground. This is how Equivoque, an aerial ballet from Equivoque company is performed.

The acrobat’s movements echo Thomas Silvert’s videos, showed on the school wall, and Rachida El Hassoumi’s captivated voice. For half an hour, the audience, scattered around the mat, is mesmerised. « Free and benevolent » Ode Rosset and Thomas Silvert, co-authors of the show, say. « It’s a progressive show » Ode Rosset continues. But the concept is not set in stone. It needs adapting to every new place the company performs in. « When we get to the place, we first seize it to transform it, to disrupt it, Thomas Silvert tells.

The ambition to travel

Rachida El Hassoumi is the company’s regular guest, but « the sound technician varies. There is a different sound artist every time, who brings his own energy. »

The artists’ ambition for their show is to see it travel. « We created it with that in mind », Thomas Silvert insists. And so it should, as Equivoque should soon cross the Mediterranean sea to be performed in front of a Tunisian audience.

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