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Come lend an ear to the Sonimaux !

mercredi 23 mai 2012 , par Marie Bertel

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In Béthune, it is Saturday afternoon, so pupils don’t have to go to school today…no children are running or fighting in the Sévigné Schoolyard...

But it is 3pm and little by little the schoolyard fills up with children and parents who come to sit in the shade of the trees on the benches and carpets installed in front of a strange ring…

3:30pm, suddenly the famous music which marks the arrival of the artists on stage resounds and appears…[*TONY*], a strange tamer with his hair standing on end and dressed with a splendid red and ‘leopard skin’ costume !

Then, Tony tries to present his show in spite of his slight speech impairments and articulation problems, which causes great hilarity in the audience.

Let the show begin ! Behind the tamer, there is a wooden cage of approximately one square metre. What kind of dangerous animal does that cage contain ?...The audience would not take long to discover because Tony calls the first animal to come to the ring : the cat !

This is followed by wonderful taming acts with invisible but all present animals (horse, lion and even a mosquito !) thanks to sounds more real than the animals themselves. The audience is then transported into an imaginary world where they can see real ‘sound’ acrobatics, for the great listening pleasure of the audience !


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