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Dizzy O’ Dare Presents

Contemporary Circus Theatre - England / Kent

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The Last Apothecary
- Programmed at: Fuse Medway Festival and Hat Fair in 2012

From the Inky Deep
- Programmed at: Hat Fair in 2011

The Tiny Travelling Tightwire Show
- Programmed at: Hat Fair in 2011 ; Peterborough Arts Festival, Les Eclectiques and Out There festival in 2012

Dizzy O’Dare Presents is a new and innovative contemporary circus theatre company.

The artistic directors of Dizzy O’Dare Presents are Alana Jones who is a tightrope walker and Michael Imerson trained as an actor and film-maker as well as being a professional musician.

Dizzy O’Dare Presents has 3 main aims: to push artistic boundaries, to reinterpret the use of tightwire within circus and theatre and to push audience development. The ultimate aim is to encourage audiences to view circus in a new way and to engage in circus on a much more intelligent and emotional level.

The company also runs Cabaret of Curiosities, a regular alternative cabaret night and Kids cabaret of curiosities at The Brook Theatre, Chatham (Kent).

Photos: The Last Apothecary - Fuse Medway Festival (2012)

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