Eostiged Ar Stangala

Breton street parade - France / Quimper

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Courants Epiques
- Residency (adaptation to street performance) : Le Fourneau in 2008
- Programmed at : FAR de Morlaix en 2009

La Sorcière
- Residency (adaptation to street performance) : Le Fourneau in 2011
- Programmed at : Printemps des Abers, Pique-nique on the Bridge (Relecq Kerhuon) and Out There Festival (Great Yarmouth) in 2011 (also performed in Great Yarmouth : a traditional brittany dance party !) ; Maritime Festival, Brest 2012

The Celtic dance Circle Eostiged ar Stangala (Stangala’s Nightingales in Breton language) was founded in 1948 in Kerfeunteun, Brittany, and is now Quimper-based.The Circle initially focused on traditional regional dances from the Glazic Country (Quimper area), before open up to other types of dances from Lower and Upper Brittany.
In the mid-60s, the Circle of Kerfeunteun triggered a ‘mini revolution’ in the small world of Britton Dance, as it was the first to adapt Britton Dance to the stage, including artistic direction and choreography. In early 90s, a new step is taken, as a few dancers of the Circle started inventing new choreographies. The Circle evolved and modernised its style, proposing yet a new vision of the Britton dance on stage.
And proving this constant ‘crave’ of innovation is the collaboration with the Street Arts National Creation Centre « Le Fourneau » in 2008 -by the Kendalc’h Confederation- to create « Courants Épiques » (« Epic Flows »), directed by Martine Rateau. This collaboration continues in 2011, with the creation of a new show « La Sorcière » (« The Witch »)

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