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Hoodwink Theatre’s Gastronomic - a recipe for British humour

Sunday 22 May 2011 , by Jérémie Bernaert , Mathilde Vautier (Translation  Jérémie Bernaert, Mathilde Vautier)

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We might tend to take the easy way out, or fall into a cliché analisis by saying that Hoodwink Theatre is pure British humor...but let’s! Because Gastronomic is definitely very British! Restraint, good manners (or at least they try!), a rather slow beginning to set the scene, then a faster progression of the story, jokes getting crazier to culminate and finish by a completely mad mess...a structure that you also find in Avanti Display ’s My Lucky’s Party.

In Gastronomic, you expect certain jokes and funny moments to happen but you can’t but smile. Quirkiness and ridicule? We want more! As per the good old cream tart joke, as both the artists and the audience proved it, it’s not aged one little bit!

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