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Immersion and winter trip in the north of the ZEPA country

To go and meet the five English partners

jeudi 14 janvier 2010 , par Claude Morizur (Traduction  Valérie Gooch)

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To take the first steps 2010 by covering within 8 days and 8 nights all the English areas of the ZEPA country in order to meet the five partners, to try to understand each other’s fields of intervention, to emphasize everyone’s expectations and desires : the challenge is a little bit crazy, the investment of the four travellers enormous by this freezing and snowing weather but the approach is necessary if we want to construct new experiences and new territories where to act... From January 8th to 15th 2010, we are fully embarking on the adventure. A fascinating trip prepared beforehand with each English partner. Southampton From Southampton ... Winchester to Winchester, Brighton from Brighton, to Newhaven, Great Yarmouth and Grest Yarmouth !

… Already in our suitcases, a whole collection of fascinating humane meetings, having in common a creation by Générik Vapeur of an original Street Arts epic which is going to cover the whole ZEPA country in 2012 in our sights. A creation written by several hands that has already well begun !

Michèle Bosseur and Claude Morizur, co-directors of the National Centre for Street Arts Le Fourneau, Pierre Berthelot, co-artistic director of Générik Vapeur and Mathilde Vautier, coordinator

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