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Les 3 Points de suspension at the « Mardis de Viva Cité »

dimanche 1er mai 2011 , par auteur Sylvain Marchand (traduction Anne Saint-Germier)

trad article traduction [English] [français]

Programmed by Atelier 231 in 2010 at Petit-Couronne’s festival "Archifête" and Rouen’s Les Arts des Hauts, Les 3 Points de suspensionkick off the Mardis de Viva Cité season with Journey to the Edge of the End of the World on Tuesday 12th April at Espace Marcel Lods at 7pm.

Following the departure of one of the performers, the company is in residence from 4th to 13th April at Atelier 231. They will adapt the show and work with Beauregard, the artist’s successor.

Les 3 points de suspension will be back in June for the 22nd edition of « Viva Cité » festival. They will present their new show Nié Que Tamola, reenacting a contemporary visual artists collective mysteriously lost in Western Africa.

Here are some pictures of the residency here !

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