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« Les Z’Ailleurs » in La Couture

mardi 27 avril 2010 , par Romain Lamirand (Traduction  Mathilde Vautier)

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In Artoiscomm (County Council), La Couture hosted « les Z’Ailleurs » once again, as part of the Z’arts Up festival’s approach to extend to surrounding towns.

On this sunny Saturday afternoon, companies Les Batteurs de Pavés, Strangelings et Fred Tousch/Le Nom du Titre lived up the Jardin des trois M and the car park by the church, in front of an audience getting bigger and bigger through this afternoon.

Les Batteurs de Pavés kicked off the afternoon, with the first part of their show Trilogie du Petit Pays. With the help of a princess, a knight or even a hen, all picked in the audience, they managed to revisit the world of traditional tales, wearing fancy dress, screaming out loud or chasing up the audience, to the little’uns and grown-ups’ delight.

The two British artists from Strangelings, arriving on their Tandem bicycle, left the public baffled by the originality of their performance, but amazed by their sense of humour and their lovely underwear...

In front of La Couture’s church, crazy Fred Tousch ended this afternoon of performances with La Foirce, showing the audience (or trying to !) his huge powers. After making an explosive entrance, Jean-Claude Fisher, performed by Fred himself, along with fellow accomplice Basmati and heavy-metal guitarist, Slide Bwain, gave the audience their « Golden Day », after passing round a ’receptacle for silky calmness’ for collection. After all, La Foirce is not everyone’s skill.

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