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Les Z’ailleurs in Annezin

mercredi 28 avril 2010 , par Aurelien Marteaux , Camille Masserann (Traduction  Mathilde Vautier)

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Many came from Béthune to watch Annezin’s three performances.

Outside town though very close to it, the church square and the park gave Z’arts Up a family-friendly atmosphere and a lovely country-sidy touch. There, street-art is also associated with picnics, walks, springy atmosphere and sunbathing. Kids sit down on the grass so they can make the most of what’s going on, and the artists happily take over the public space.

While David is playing the piano, Léandre runs from one side of the park to another, grabbing late-comers. He borrows any bikes and is not afraid of taking the whole audience along to watch the football match down the road, before watching the end of his show being performed by children while he’s sitting in the audience.

Les Branks from Azimuts company stand in the middle of a crossroad and reinvent trafic rules. Tooting around, they hop on in a car and drive around the market. The village café, the fishmonger stall or the church square become places to fill in with « Azimut-y » music.

As per Tumble Circus, they add to their talent the tricky task of being funny in French while being English clowns ! For audience participants Marie and Emmanuel, it is a great opportunity to discover shows from across the Channel. « Plus they’ve got a lovely accent ! », they add.

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