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Man on the moon/George Orange

The Moon as a playground

Monday 9 July 2012 , by Joël Verhoustraeten , Stéphanie Bescond (Translation  Cécile Babin)

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George Orange and his burlesque acrobatics have won over the audience. This clown juggles between poetry and humor.

We cannot help thinking of Charlie Chaplin when we see him with a cane and a shoe in his hand. George Fuller alias George Orange, Chicago-born artist who is now based in Cardiff readily admits this influence.

This sweet crazy clown captivates the audience with a few absurd juggling tricks. “Small tricks”, apparently simple, then become more bold. Laugh gives way to applauses.

Right from the beginning, spectators take great pleasure to be involved. A father must intervene when the clown desperately screams “Help me”, the whole body trapped in a hoop. Reckless children do not hesitate one second to stretch a rope on which the tightrope walker is balanced. “The public is extraordinary. They really laugh and are very attentive. They interact with me”, said George Fuller.

Then the long awaited moment comes. The artist removes the blocks under its stunning metallic structure. He tends a rope at both ends. And the man walks on the moon. Physical performance and magic of the moment hold the audience spellbound. More and more daring, the acrobat puts a chair on the rope and takes place. But humor is never far away. The clown goes back to Chaplin’s attitude and finds his cane and his shoe again. Feigning a loss of balance, he calls to the rescue a man in the audience. The latter becomes his toy, true puppet in his hands.

Even if he managed to get the moon, George Orange promises a “next show even more impressive. I’m already working on it with a team in Cardiff”, says the artist. We cannot wait to see this creation on the occasion of a new edition of La Fête dans la Ville.

Photos : Joël Verhoustraeten

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