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Mario Queen of The Circus

Musical and acrobatic one man show - UK

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Mario Queen of the Circus
- Programmed at : Hat Fair (Winchester) in 2009 ; Z’arts UP (Béthune), Mai des Arts (Pays de Morlaix), Le Verger des Charrues (Carhaix), Les Jeudis du port (Brest) in 2010 ; La Fête dans la Ville (Amiens) and Out There festival (Great Yarmouth) in 2011 ; Viva Cité (Sotteville-lès-Rouen) in 2012
- Residency : support in artistic direction for Magmanus at Le Fourneau in 2012.

Mario Queen of the Circus aka Clarke McFarlane is a born showman and expert in both the art of circus and comedy. But above all, he is the biggest fan of the supergroup Queen. Following the tunes and beat of his favorite songs, he seduces the audience with a mix of complex juggling tricks and universal Freddie Mercury’s sex appeal. That’s how he’s won over spectators from all over the world.

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Le Fourneau - Résidences

Atelier 231 - Vivacité, Sotteville

Culture Commune - Z’Arts Up, Béthune

Le Fourneau - Mai des arts, Morlaix

Le Fourneau - Printemps des Abers

SeaChangeArt - Out There, Great Yarmouth

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23 mai 2011

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30 avril 2010

Le Courrier Du Léon
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