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Parklife : « life in the park » by NoFit State…and a hundred local talented enthusiasts

jeudi 27 mai 2010 , par auteur Mathilde Vautier

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Nofitstate Circus ended three weeks of festival in Brighton with Parklife, a creation project in the public space.

For Parklife in Brighton, the Welsh contemporary circus company took on the challenge to get out of their tent and take over the public space. And they did it : the large circular stage, 1m high, and the other structural installations of the show enabled the audience to penetrate Nofistate’s style, ie the show is all around the spectator.

The company also involved more than a hundred local non-professionals in the adventure : in the week leading up to the performance, the park The Level had become a "playground", where circus school or performing arts students, fire swingers, free-stylers or simple passers-by took part in a series of circus workshops. The company’s Artistic Directors Ali William and Orit Azaz, as well as the 25 artists from the company then incorporated all these passions and talents in the final show.

« We had to turn down a lot of people unfortunately, because Brighton is full of crazy and amazing talents, but it’s already a huge piece of work to put a show together with so many non-professionals in such a short time, Tom Rack, one of the founders of the company highlights.

The ZEPA partners attending the show admired Nofitstate’s work. Another project now awaits the company : to develop a creation, common to the 9 partners of the ZEPA region…

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