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Partnership with Hall for Cornwall

Transe Express - ‘Mobile Oblique & Bancal (M.O.B.)’

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Zap Art is currently working in partnership with Halls for Cornwall and a variety of other Truro partners, such as Totally Truro and Event Cornwall, as one of it’s 2nd tier partner location projects.

The organisations met in Truro on 24th March to confirm plans for presenting a mid-large scale evening spectacular aerial show, ‘Mobile Oblique and Bucolic’, by internationally renowned French company, Transe Express on 18th September 2010 in Truro City centre.

The project will be one of ZEPA’s variable geometry projects,

As well as being a high profile accessible ground breaking event, the project will involve working with the community, local artists and be the pilot/advocacy tool for the development of outdoor performance in Cornwall. This project is strategically linked to the training/development work that Zap Art is undertaking with the Cornish partnership.

The show is comprised of ground based and aerial performance. Mobile Oblique and Bucolic is a unique and spectacular performance that creates great visual impact and includes aerial prowess, fine arts and music.

The main show will be followed by a short 2-3 minute, ‘firework flourish’ from the rooftops of Lemon Quay.The local pyrotechnics company concerned will be working in close collaboration with Transe Express.

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