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Pete Sweet - Meet Pete Sweet at Out There 2012

Wednesday 12 September 2012 , par auteur Darren Cross

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The delightful Pete Sweet, all the way from San Francisco, enchanted audiences at Out There with his genteel show ‘Meet Pete Sweet’.

Pete’s west coast charm and relaxed performance style was just right on an afternoon when the weather in Great Yarmouth was more akin to his native California.

The show begins with an introduction to Pete – a geeky, blazer-clad clown with a fondness for jazz. As it progressed, Pete demonstrates some wonderful old fashioned clowning, sight gags and clever improvisation, all neatly interwoven with technically excellent slack rope and juggling work.

The finale sees some hilarious slackrope slapstick and impressive unicycle work – all while singing Minnie the Moocher.

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