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Rimski’s Bicycle Piano

Touring Cabaret Performance - England

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Rimski’s Bicycle Piano
- Programmed at : Out There Festival (Great Yarmouth) in 2010 ; Fish & Chips #2, Street arts in Amiens and Confluences Nomades (Picardy) in 2011

Music from life’s twisting, treacherous path. With the mud of Glastonbury still in his wheels, the dust of the Californian desert clogging his keys, Rimski’s (Oliver Cumming) ready to regale the populace with his peripatetic cabaret performance and may even come a - cropper with Violet (Miranda la Mutanta) - a singer of ill repute. One thing is certain ; he still has a long way to go on the Piano…

Photo : Rimski’s Bicycle Piano - Out There Festival (2010)

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