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Shirlee Sunflower - Just Married !

lundi 9 août 2010 , par Julien Mazé , Sylvain Marchand (Traduction  Valérie Gooch)

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During Le FAR, Place des Jacobins, the public had an appointment with love ! To be more exact, let’s say that the male gente had a date with Shirlee Sunflower, who came specially from Australia to present Looking for Love. In search for love, Shirlee certainly hopes to benefit from her venue at Le FAR de Morlaix to find « a suitable match » and marry the man of her life.

With her glasses and her fluffy yellow short, she decided to implement everything to achieve her aims, executing thus some original acrobatics. But to find « her beloved », the selection is rough. Shirlee goes through all the men of the audience with a fine-tooth comb before setting her heart on 3 « beautiful and strongs french men ! » She specifies. As the show goes by, alternately guinea-pigs or partners, 3 men accompany Shirlee to perform some improbable acrobatics, which some end at least in weird situations.

But her search for love does not stop there. Other stages are necessary to seduce the one whom, chosen in agreement with the public, will share her life. Not less than 6 additional men, transformed into « Cheap & Dales, will be recruited to realize her big final ! The » jump of love ", the ultimate acrobatics which will seal definitively their idyll... in a bucket of water.

Real pretext to the most absurb comic situations, the public will keep a good memory of the acrobatic numbers of Looking for Love. As for Shirlee, no doubt that le Pays de Morlaix will be engraved for ever in her heart, on the arm of this « beautiful and strong » man from Morlaix’. By the way, we send them all good wishes for their happiness…


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