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Stickleback Plasticus

Burlesque Double Act - UK

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The St Joan’s Ambulance
- Programmed at : Out There Festival (Great Yarmouth) in 2010 ; Street Arts in Amiens in 2011

The Cat’s Choir
- Programmed at : Street Arts in Amiens and Hat Fair (Winchester) in 2011 ; Peterborough Arts Festival in 2012

Two left feet
- Programmed at : Out There Festival (Great Yarmouth) in 2010 ; Printemps en Pays des Abers (Brittany) in 2011

Stickleback Plasticus have performed in many places throughout Britain and the world in the past twenty years.

They have designed their work to adapt to the unpredictable nature of the street. They have found themselves performing in front of a huge diversity of people and cultures, and with a mixture of comedy and improvisation have learnt to adapt to a wide variety of environments.

Photos : The Cat’s Choir - Street Arts in Amiens (2011) / Two left feet - Printemps en Pays des Abers (2011)

site officiel : http://www.stickleback.pwp.blueyond...

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Amiens - Fête dans la Ville

Le Fourneau - Printemps des Abers

SeaChangeArt - Out There, Great Yarmouth

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