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Stickleback Plasticus at Out There Festival 2012

Cat Litter

lundi 24 septembre 2012 , par Richard Roberts

Oi ! You at the back with your hands in your pockets ! If you think this show is just for kids you’d better think again. Tom, our street-wise alley cat is on a mission to share his life-in-a-bin with everyone and might target his rough charm on you.

Together with Ella Bella Cinderella Creamcrackers Dentresangle, a pedigree moggie fallen on hard times and living in the bin next door, Tom philosophises and wise-cracks on cat-related issues whilst waiting for breakfast to fly onto the nearby bird-feeder. All of life is here : the daily quest for food, the mutual attraction of rough and smooth, the (off-stage) demise of Fat Bob, the birth of Ella’s kittens and Tom’s angst over their paternity. The climax of the show is a musical number by . . . Kat Bush. Purrfect !

Tom and Ella dress up on stage in the minutes before the show, gently metamorphosing into feline form so their appearance as giant cats does not alarm the younger members of the audience.

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