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Strange encounter with Délice Dada company…

mercredi 20 juillet 2011 , par Anne Saint-Germier , Sylvain Marchand (Traduction  Anne Saint-Germier)

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On Tuesday 17th February 2011, Délice Dada company presented a piece of their new show “Les 4 morts du Président Petit” to Sotteville-based 6th Form students involved in the street arts optional course.

The “director” of Sotteville-lès-Rouen tourist centre – a fictional character played by Jeff Thiebaut – and his assistant “Béatrice” welcomed the students in Atelier 231.

Installing doubt between reality and fiction, the “director” outlined the touristic issues of commissioning a theatre company to reconstruct the death of Emile Petit, French politician who was born in Sotteville-lès-Rouen. All the more so that today, four versions of his death contradict with each other…

The protagonists of this reconstruction paraded in front of the students : President Petit’s son, an unsettled young man fond of bullfighting, an old priest holding his tickling scepter, a spy, an English nurse, a Spanish singer and even President Petit himself.

Délice Dada’s strategy worked wonderfully : the students left confused, unable to distinguish truth from fiction. Has President Petit really existed ? Was he really born in Sotteville ? Where is the tourism centre ? And where is Délice Dada’s artistic director gone ??

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