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The Photographers
- Programmed at : Fish & Chips #2 (Sotteville-Lès-Rouen), The Pic-Nic on the Bridge (Relecq-Kerhuon) and Le Verger (Carhaix) in 2011

- Programmed at : Fish & Chips #1 (Sotteville-Lès-Rouen) and Z’Arts Up (Béthune) + Les Z’Ailleurs (La Couture), Le Bal à Blangy (Blangy-sur-Bresle) in 2010 ; The Pic-Nic on the Bridge (Relecq-Kerhuon) and Out There International Festival of Street Arts and Circus (Great Yarmouth) in 2011

The Gaiety Engine
- Programmed at : Fête dans la Ville (Amiens) in 2010 ; Fish & Chips #2 (Sotteville-Lès-Rouen) and Le Verger (Carhaix) in 2011

The Explorers
- Programmed at : Fish & Chips #1 (Sotteville-Lès-Rouen) in 2010 ; Le Verger (Carhaix) in 2011

Red Lion Pub
- Fish & Chips (Sotteville-Lès-Rouen) in 2011 and 2012

The company Strangelings, whose artistic direction is undertaken by David Bersntein, has been making and touring its particular brand of street theatre since 1996 and continue into 2012 with a host of shows, installations and walkabouts.

The Strangelings usually find stuff in second-hand shops and think, ’Oh that would be good in a show’ ; ideas spring from old photos and great stories.

They have a good insight of the ZEPA world as they have been taking part in Hat Fair, Fish & Chips Festival, Z’Arts Up in Béthune, La Fête dans la Ville in Amiens, Out There Festival in Great Yarmouth…

Photos : The Gaiety Engine - Fête dans la Ville (2010), Tandem - Blangy-sur-Bresle (2010), The Photographers - Le Verger (2011)

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Amiens - Fête dans la Ville

Atelier 231 - Fish & Chips

Atelier 231 - Le Bal à Blangy

Culture Commune - Z’Arts Up, Béthune

Le Fourneau - Le Relecq Kerhuon

Le Fourneau - Le Verger, Carhaix

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