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Street Art Exchange in Brest

Winchester Uni and Independant artists development

Thursday 6 October 2011 , by Etudiants de Winchester 2011

As an artist*, the creation, idea and practicality of Le Fourneau is truly inspiring. The available space Le Fourneau has to offer and so many professional companies/artists linking through the ZEPA network, being able to produce new and exciting performances just exactly what England needs! I would like to thank the Art Council England for funding this opportunity, and to Fuse Performance Street.

I currently work with Fuse Performance Street in England teaching children the foundations of circus skills, developing and progressing towards performances i.e Street Jam Festival, College Shows.

During our residency here at Le Fourneau we worked with Artistic director and choreographer Alexandre and Phillipe from “Compagnie numero huit” and spent 8 hours on rehearsing their pre-made performance. Every workshop would include an aikado style warm up isolating every individual body part ensuring all are warmed correctly, I will definitely take this activity away with me and use it back in England on my students and friends!

When we weren’t work-shopping we attended conferences, along with students from the Master of Management of Performing Arts from The University of Brest, held by the ZEPA representatives. Mainly discussing the future of ZEPA, how they would like to expand. Then Anne Gonon, researcher, shared her views on Street Arts in France and in Europe, and on questioning - what is Street Arts? Every aspect was covered and from an artist point of view was really beneficial to listen to views of the representatives, and it’s good to know what they, as a company, have achieved over the past 4 years. And how they can exchange and build a relationship internationally.

Overall the week has been fantastic and would definitely encourage any emerging artist to do the same as I have done! It will be an experience that you would not like to miss!

Thank you Le Fourneau!

Dominic Buck
BoxabeatUK (*emerging artist funded by the Arts Council)

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