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Street-arts and disability : new areas of work for ZEPA

lundi 24 janvier 2011 , par Maria Xavier , Mathilde Vautier (Traduction  Mathilde Vautier)

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A project around street-arts and disability in development in Winchester and Amiens

Last December, companies Charli Encor and StopGap met to discuss street-arts and disability, first in Winchester on 7th and 8th December (see article, when Charli Encor and Maria Xavier (Le Hangar/Pole National Arts de la Rue et Cirque), as well as Sian Thomas, Hat Fair’s Project Officer, observed the rehearsals of StopGap’s latest production.

The companies met again on 21st and 22nd December in Amiens. StopGap and Sian Thomas saw Ballet de Chaises, Charli Encor’s show, in Cirque Jules Verne*.

Jean-Pierre MARCOS and Philippe MACRET from Cirque Jules Verne/Le Hangar, and Sian THOMAS facilitated the exchange between the two companies to develp a partnership based on their shared passion for performances involving disabled artists in the public space.

The underlying artistic objective for the project is working in the public space, the most relevant space to work in to develop our own specific environment, and to redesign the urban space and our social relationship for the time of a show.

A few propositions came out of these meetings for 2011 :

  • ’Ballet de Chaises’ programmed in Hat Fair 2011
  • ’Tracking’ from Stop Gap programmed in La Fête dans la Ville 2011

Street-arts and disability

In the street-arts world, things change, evolve naturally, for the audience’s delight. So the idea is that the audience could be part of this evolution through a ’forum’ around the themes of disability and street-arts. All parties mentioned the idea of organising such a forum during Hat Fair and La Fête dans la Ville.

In 2012, both companies and partners think of pushing things even further : why not involving artists from Ballet de Chaises into StopGap’s new production...and vice versa ?

According to Charli Encor, "We have a coherent approach to our artistic vision, we feel we have the same principles. We stage new characters, a new story in the streets. Now I won’t say more. I just want to live this story. »

*For an extract of Ballet de Chaises, click here

Photos credit : Joël Verhoustraeten

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