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Street arts in Amiens

Fête dans la Ville 2011

Monday 13 June 2011 , by Maria Xavier (Translation  Mathilde Vautier)

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The 34th edition of La Fête dans la Ville will be held from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th June 2011, under the umbrella “Street arts in Amiens”. This edition will be particularly UK orientated. British companies have been performing in Amiens since 1997: Mimbre, Strangelings, Stickleback Plasticus, WildWorks and more.

“Street Shows in St-Acheul”

Since 2009, a specific area of the city, each year different, gets to experience a new artistic celebration as part of la Fête dans la Ville. This year, it will be held in the St Acheul area. As this area had been partly built by some British industrials in the 19th century, the architecture does have a British twist, so it was fair (and obvious!) to present the British companies of the festival there.

Alongside these British companies, another 15 outdoor arts companies will be presented, with 10 new shows including seven co-produced by Le Hangar - Fabrique des Arts de la Rue d’Amiens: NoFitState Circus, Princesses Peluches, V.O Compagnie, Annibal et ses Eléphants, Les Apostrophés, Zic Zazou et Lézard Décadent.

Outdoor artists get the inspiration from the city, its history, its people, its landscape. They leave imaginary marks that anyone can take ownership of. The Rue de Beauvais that Miss Kristin will walk through will never be looked at the same way, the Rue des Trois Cailloux, hosting Didier Loiget and VO compagnie will bring the street in a new light.

These impressions provide new images from the city and moments shared by all for a short time. And these moments are exactly what we call ‘outdoor arts festivals’, when people get together to share a different experience of the city.
The artists invite us to push a few forbidden barriers, help us open the mysterious doors in order to see and understand the difficult and complexe reality better. The City itself opens up to the artists like a giant stage for them to perform and create an ‘art-only’ space. This space implies an act of generosity to break the barriers of resistance and misunderstandings, unleash passion or revive it when it fades away. Let’s make the most of this artistic moment to get energy and humanity.

Welsh company NoFit State Circus will also be part of the Franco-British experience, as it will present its new large scale outdoor show Barricade on Firday 17th and Sat 18th June, at 23h, Place Longueville.

Find out more about the programme online on http://w2.amiens.com/artsdelarue.

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