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Strolling through Saint-George’s Park

lundi 27 septembre 2010 , par David Jones , Jean-Marie Grall , Jean-Michel Grall , Marine Lecoutour , Yffic Cloarec (Traduction  Valérie Gooch)

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Strolling through the avenues of Saint-George’s Square, heart of the festival, we meet funny characters. For instance Hodman & Sally of the art company The Flying Buttresses, a charming elderly couple, still as much in love as ever, coming from nowhere. These walkers went through various countries, various periods of time. They bring on their shoulders memories and objects accumulated for years. They go towards people, speak to them, telling them with humour, tenderness and poetry the world which surrounds them and which changes in spite of them.

There are also Rimski and Violet of Rimski’s Bicycle Piano. Him, dandy with his voice broken by life on his piano-bike and her, nightclub singer on her miniature penny farthing bicycle. In an atmosphere of end of the 19th century’s cabaret, they pedal in paths, stop, look for each other, find each other, quarrel, love each other ad sing to us familiar tunes in English but also in French.

Also on a bike but in a completely different register, the Bureau of Silly Ideas invite the spectators in a crazy race on fixed bikes. Two participants, each on their two-wheeled ; a winner, the one who will have been the least bothered by the wind (a ventilator), the rain (the plastic water gun of one member of the art company !), and the absurd comments of the arbitrator ! And the public asks for more...

The Dukes Box

The East Coast is said to house the greatest concentration of caravans in the whole of Europe, but one pimped out caravan was certainly out there in Great Yarmouth this weekend- A human sized jukebox containing a band ready to play live the track of your choice, the crowd select their song and enjoy a gig where they determine the set list ! The band covers everything from Paolo Nutini to MC Hammer, but don’t expect a classic version of the song, the Dukes box mix their musical styles to suit. A mini music festival contained in a box, The Dukes box certainly delighted the crowd who were pleased to enjoy live music amongst the mix of Out There street performers.


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