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Students from the Bachelor of Street arts take part in the festival

Monday 25 July 2011 , by Mathilde Vautier , Vincent Le Goascoz (Translation  Mathilde Vautier, Vincent Le Goascoz)

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Students from the University of Winchester Bachelor of Street arts were also part of the street arts celebrations. The “second year” students from this first degree of its kind in the world were given the opportunity to present some of their work across disciplines: the “Cyberpunk” percussion band, «Rubish Rhythms» creates a metallic world of recycled garbage and charges up these renegades of pulsating rhythm coming down the street (Eve Blakemore, Hanna Auden-Gandolfo, Laura Surgenor, Ross Wheeler, Stefi Baker)

Callum English is character who mixes clowning and puppetry, creating absurd situations through audience interaction, walking about with his “one-man-giraffe-show”.

As per Lucy Palmer, she is interested in our relation to the city. From Singapore to New York, London to Hong Kong, the skyscrapers of these mighty metropolis tower over us. Her installation, Winchester’s Invisible City, changes our relationship with the city as we stand like giants over a miniaturised and animated world, created on the sculpture at the entrance of the Cathedral park.

Then Joe Hollis is Mr Fleur, a walkabout comic character who creates a world from what he finds and who he meets, while Hannah Auden-Gandolfo is an elegant Swan who drifts by - half human half creature, mythical and mysterious, enchanting and elusive engaging the audience in a world of dance and performance.

These 2nd year students had the opportunity to visit Brest in October 2010 as part of the exchange between the Universities of Brest and Winchester that Hat Fair and Le Fourneau have developed.

Photos : Vincent Le Goascoz, Mathilde Vautier

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