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Summer launch for Over the Channel

mercredi 19 juin 2013 , par Julia Duchemin

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The new ZEPA book is making the news !

Thursday 20th June 2013 will be a new opportunity to introduce the new ZEPA book to the public. This presentation will take place at the Cirque Jules Vernes in Amiens, at 12.45pm, as part of the professional meeting « The place of circus in street arts » organised by the Pôle National Cirque et Arts de la Rue.

Ten days later, Atelier 231 proposes to meet around the book again, on Sunday 30th June 2013, at 11pm at the Hôtel de ville in Sotteville-lès-Rouen, during the 24th edition of the Viva Cité festival.

Both in Amiens and in Sotteville, the book will be presented by Daniel Andrieu, Atelier 231 director coordinating the book for ZEPA, and by Claudine Dussollier, director of « Carnets de Rue » editions for l’Entretemps publishing company.

Over the Channel had already been introduced to the public twice this year : first in Marseille, as part of the event organised by Générik Vapeur ; then in Béthune, on 25th May 2013, at the start of the Z’Arts Up festival 2013, by Chantal Lamarre, Culture Commune director (see picture), who also launched the second phase of the ZEPA project, approved by the Interreg Programme the month before.

And summer is only beginning...

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