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Surreal Mc Coy

Ornithological walkabout - UK

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The Giant Seagulls
Programmed at: Hat Fair (Winchester) in 2009 and Fish & Chips (Sotteville-lès-Rouen) in 2012

Seagulls - Fish & Chips #3

Since 1981, Surreal Mc Coy has performed live to over 3 million people, in hundreds of cities and 35 countries.

Specialized in interacting with the audience through their humourous characters (a giant Scotsman and his dog, Pompous the Roman centurion and his slave Servillius, an enormous Santa and his reindeer, etc.), they never just entertain; they involve people in their surreal world.

The Giant Seagulls

A pair of giant seagulls is out and they are hungry ! Squawking through the streets in search of food, they will swoop in on your chips and eat them in no time ! A delightfully cheeky and tasty walkabout.

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Atelier 231 - Fish & Chips

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