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[D-1] The fire in Mont-Liébaut

Thursday 22 April 2010 , by Jean-Marie Diricq (Translation  Mathilde Vautier)

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Z’arts’up will kick off in Mont Liébaut on Friday night, it can not start elsewhere. Should a poll be organised in this working-class area in Béthune, the result would definitely confirm this. Evidence ? As soon as Carabosse started setting up there, some local people came down spontaneously to help them.

Carabosse is a team whose aim is to «set things on fire» in Mont Liébaut, on real fire that is. But before the magic starts, there’s a whole week of preparation. For now, the artists of the company present a rather peculiar pre-show: dressed in overalls, wearing gloves, hair tied up, they are building launching ramps, towers, metal swings, braziers all along the avenue going through the Mont-Liébaut area.

Kids hang around the company, following every step of their work, asking question after question. And they’re quite happy to get an answer from the artists, themselves rather pleased about the interest shown. Is sharing not what Culture Commune, Z’arts’Up’s organisers, is all about?

On Friday night, when Carabosse lights up the thousand wicks, the local residents will be able to watch this beautiful fire display from their balcony, as if being in a box in a huge theatre. No doubt they’ll pop down and join the crowd gathering along this beautiful promenade. Next Christmas, the illuminations on the Champs Elysées will look rather weak compared to that!

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