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Transe Express in Guipavas for the Temps Bourg event

jeudi 7 juillet 2011 , par Loeïza Renaut , Matthias Lavigne (Traduction  Mathilde Vautier)

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6pm, Sat 2nd July, in front of Louis Pergaud school, the sound of the drums can be heard from afar. It is the musical notes of a long amazing poetic evening. Transe Express’s drums and the volunteer-musician-citizens from Plougastel Bagad [traditional music band from Britanny] play opposite each other, under the watchful eye of Transe Express’s Artistic Director Gilles Rhode.
The official drink with the Mayor is getting prepared while the changing rooms are being organised for the Transe Express’s artists to dress.
At 7pm prompt, the Mayor launches the adventure raising his glass, thanks the involvement of the local residents and reminds everyone that the money raised will go to ’Céline et Stéphane’ medical research charity.

Then Le Fourneau Co-directors Michèle Bosseur et Claude Morizur introduce the ZEPA project which the Temps Bourg event is part of. Indeed, Transe Express is a ’shared’ company in this European network aiming at encouraging artistic mobility on both sides of the Channel and developing artistic projects involving the community.
Since 2009, the Eurre-based company has been travelling and performing within this European Zone of Artistic Projects (ZEPA). They presented Mobile Homme in Southampton and Truro, Tambours de la Muerte in Brest, Carhaix, Béthune, Rouen or Petit-Couronne and Maudits Sonnants in Guipavas !

The show is dedicated to René Delcloy, one of the first Breton men to be part of the adventure in 1999 but who could not be involved this year due to an injury. Twelve years after, the show Lâcher de Violons breaks new grounds with the involvment of divas, a first in Europe, happening here in Guipavas.

After a full meal at Alizé, there is a real buzz in the changing rooms. The company’s artists have their make-up put on, with the help of Le Fourneau team. The changing rooms become Wonderland, and the artists, all dress-up with their costums, start concentrating for the show. The drumming is impatient now, in the school playground.

Last touch of red make-up here, black there and silver to the finishing touch. Gilles Rhode gathers all these funny characters from nowhere to form a big circle in the playground. Last explanations, piece of advice and he kicks off Transe Express’s typical opening ceremony of encouragments...May the party be beautiful and the mix of people and styles fruitful ! !

- More information here : Temps Bourg in Guipavas

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