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Tumble Circus in Kersaint-Plabennec

mardi 11 mai 2010 , par auteur Aurelien Marteaux , Jean-Marie Grall (traduction Valérie Gooch)

trad article traduction [English] [français]

On Sunday, May 2nd, it is in Kersaint-Plabennec, on the occasion of the first episode of Le Printemps en Pays des Abers 2010 that the artists of Tumble Circus had again an appointment with the public of Brittany. In spite of a show shortened by the weather conditions, the meeting between the Irish artists and the spectators who came in number in the garden of the presbytery, did happen. The most frustrated of the spectators have to meet the company during their next coming this summer within the context of Les Jeudis du Port de Brest.

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