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Two acts arrive on bicycles to entertain the Out There crowd !

jeudi 22 septembre 2011 , par David Jones

Ramshacklicious- The Small Time.

Ramshacklicious presented their travelling miniature variety show to the Out There festival, performing from a double staged mobile theatre drawn from a tricycle !

From within their tiny travelling theatre, a variety of acts from the Victorian age of Vaudeville are presented in the Godfrey, Clement and Maud Show ! Who proudly exclaim they are the ‘Greatest travelling vaudeville show in the world !’

With plenty of physical comedy, the acts taking to the stage include ‘Nigel the elephant’ who hilariously attempts to mount a balancing ball and ‘Marcin the Miniature Magician’ who gets sawn in half ! Whilst the fast paced antics of the love story between Godfrey and Maud and a jealous Clement culminate in their performance as three ballerinas !

Strangelings- Tandem.

In the silent world of the Strangelings, everything is performed in tandem and they both wear some very long shoes ! Signalling the start of their show, the Strangelings mark out their performance area with rope and shake the hands of the audience.

Going round in circles on their tandem, the Strangelings perform tricks and acrobalance stunts, often getting themselves in humorous and compromising positions in their unique style whilst also creating interludes that showcase their dance skills !

Their escape finale sees them wrestle out of the constraints of a double straight jacket and also demonstrates their ability to remove their underwear whilst trapped in a small trunk !

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