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UK premiere for ’Photo Communale’ in Newhaven

Friday 4 March 2011 , par auteur Mathilde Vautier

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French company Générik Vapeur will be visiting Newhaven Town Centre on Saturday 12th March, 12pm in with the UK premiere of La Photo Communale II. A larger than life mobile camera will rove around the streets of Newhaven immortalising the character of the town and the many faces of its people through a giant photographic lens.
The pictures taken will then be presented as a backdrop to Newhaven Cormorant !, a Newhaven-specific and unique show presented by the company, in partnership with Zap Art, on 16th July.

The company will also make the most of their presence in Newhaven to meet local groups and residents willing to get involved with Générik Vapeur and their experience in Newhaven!

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