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When ‘Camille Vallaux’ secondary school meets the Bash Street Theatre

Tuesday 24 April 2012 , by Emeline Jersol , Jean-Marie Grall (Translation  Cécile Babin)

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On Friday 23th March, a class from the [*“Camille Vallaux” secondary school based at Relecq Kerhuon*], visited Le Fourneau.

In the morning, about thirty pupils became familiar with street arts. After a presentation of Le Fourneau, pupils watched videos of performances and navigated through the website of the organisation. This moment of discovery and exchange gave pupils a better understanding of Le Fourneau’s activities and, more generally speaking what are street arts.

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Later, the British company [*Bash Street*] performed a part of its new show The Strongman and answered pupils’ questions. As a result, they were introduced to the tricks of a show creation.

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