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Amazing Camera Obscura
- Programmed at : Hat Fair in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 ; Z’Arts Up (Béthune) in 2010

Enter the darkened world of Tony Willet and Dom Patteson where everyday life is transformed into a magical moving picture show. The Camera Obscura offers the opportunity for people of all ages to experience the wonder of a timeless technological marvel.

The Camera Obscura is an ancient optical device. In its most basic form it is, quite simply, a dark room with a small hole in one wall. On the wall opposite the hole, an image is formed of whatever is outside. This image is upside-down (inverted) and back to front (laterally transposed).

Photos : Z’Arts Up (2010) - Hat Fair (2012)

Site officiel : http://www.amazingcameraobscura.co....

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Culture Commune - Z’Arts Up, Béthune

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