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Z’ArtsUp! to be shared

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"Z’ArtsUp!" festival time is a time for sharing, over three days.

Sharing with the population, but also with yourselves: it is on your doorstep, in public open spaces, that everything occurs. Sharing also with the artists from different backgrounds, each with their own way of doing things.

Sharing with Europe, through the presence of British artists who will “invade” -peacefully obviously!- the streets of Béthune and its suburbs. More than ever before Z’ArtsUp! will swarm everywhere.

This year , Carabosse will open the festival in the Mont-Liébaut district, with the help of the local community. Also in the programme, an exceptional performance by the artistic team of a company who, in the past, has provided us with great moments, i.e. Générik Vapeur, natives of Marseilles, doing what they know best: a magical urban meander of which only they hold the secret. But there will be many other shows on offer, ranging from theatre, music, acrobatics or pyrotechnics, often walkabouts, always exciting moments.

Bring the kids along, and do move around if you wish; because, in addition to Z’ArtsUp! in Béthune, on Saturday, you can also go Z’Elsewhere, as we say in Artois Comm., to the market squares, gardens, streets and car parks of surrounding towns Annezin, Barlin or La Couture.

We exceptionnally brought the date of the event forward to the end of April. Let’s hope that the sun will also be part of the idea of sharing underlying this event, by sharing its light.... Get on to clicking open the programme and create your own version.

Enjoy the festival!

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