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[D-2] Z’arts Up’s volunteers

mercredi 21 avril 2010 , par Jean-Marie Diricq (Traduction  Mathilde Vautier)

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On the Z’arts’Up festival, volunteers are not just an aside. They are integral part of the event, stand closely by the organisers and are in direct contact with the artists well before the shows start. More and more volunteers get involved every year, from all ages, with various experiences and all certainly very motivated.

All gathered for the brief this Tuesday, there is quite a nice bunch of them, with Daniel, Alex, Jacques et Laura. Vincent, Maxime, Maud et Nicolas. Anne, Françoise, Justine et Jean-Michel. And even more, but they’ll have to forgive us for not wanting to make the list too long.

For now, it’s introductions and paperwork time, filling in the volunteer agreement describing their role descriptions and stating that the organiser is committed to listening to their suggestions. Respect. In a moment, they’ll be going for a tour of the town centre with Marie.

Marie leads them with patience and kindness. She is very accurate in everything she does. Fair enough : on the day, volunteers will have to encourage passers-by to attend the various shows on offer, inform them, guide them, advise them on their journey, give them details, make sure kids well placed, show people other places of interest when the crowd is too big, etc. etc.

Without volunteers, Z’arts’Up would still happen, obviously, but we would miss them, definitely.

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