Zap Art, Brighton

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Zap Art is a creative producer, internationally renowned for introducing powerful arts experiences to new audiences. Zap empowers artists to push the boundaries of artistic forms ; breaking the boundaries of the way art is perceived and experienced by individuals. During its 27 year history, the organisation has worked on a great number of exciting projects, creating cultural exchanges with big impact and commissioning crowd-pulling, avant-garde street theatre performances, which bring alive unusual spaces. As an independent charity, Zap works with a wide range of partners and funders to provide a unique channel for cultural innovation and an inspiring legacy of re-vitalised communities.

Zap Art’s real strength lies in its unusual ability to work at the largest scale, on highly complex, multi partnership projects, while delivering the artist’s vision and producing inspirational outdoor work. Over the last 10 years, Zap has become a leading UK partner in a range of international projects such as INSITU, PECA & ZEPA. Zap’s success in gaining European structural funding for these projects and the excellent relationships that the organisation has with European partners make Zap a vital resource for UK based outdoor performance companies looking to develop international projects.