L’Atelier 231, National Street Arts Centre, Sotteville-lès-Rouen

Viva Cité, a weekend, in june

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Industrial wasteland dedicated to street-arts, Atelier 231 is one of the 10 National Street-arts Centre (CNAR) since 2005.

With its strong involvement in the development of street-arts in Europe, Atelier 231 is a member of the In Situ network involving 9 European countries. It is also one of the historical partners of the PECA network, which became ZEPA (European Zone of Artistic Projects) since January 2008.

Its objectives

Its main objective is hosting companies in residence and providing financial support for their artistic project.

The artistic residency aims to offer the companies an ideal context for creation at specific stages of their project. The venue, developed in consultation with companies, provides them with indoor and outdoor rehearsal and building spaces, such as the Grande Halle, with wood, sewing and metal workshops, material for sets and obviously food and accommodation.

During the residency, « work in progress visits » are organised for the public, and the company decides on their content and length of time. A residency can also end with a public presentation of the work, « Sortie d’Atelier ». Atelier 231 hosts an average of 25 companies every year, during 1 to 6 weeks.

Artistic education naturally complements the main activity of the Atelier 231, providing a large number of arts and cultural activities aimed at various local audiences and in partnership with street-arts professionals, companies in residence and others.

As experts in the street-arts sector, Atelier 232 is also an accredited training centre, delivering specific knowledge and skills to a wide range of people : street-arts professionals, contracted workers in the arts sector, staff from local authorities, teachers, youth and community workers, etc.

Recognised within the regional area, Atelier 231 also takes on the artistic direction of various events through providing artistic advise. Although Vivacité festival is the biggest of all, another ten events are programmed every year, including Fish and Chips, a French-British festival created as part of the ZEPA European Network.

Strong believers of the importance of documenting any events, activities, etc., Atelier 231 continuously feeds in its resource centre. Open to all, it is a place to capture the memory of the artistic creation produced here and elsewhere : events, street-arts companies, etc.

Its partners

Atelier 231 exists thanks to support from institutional partners (with whom they have a four-year agreement). With strong links with its national and international street-arts counterparts, Atelier 231 develops street-arts creation and developement partnerships, both on a regional level, with the Festivals Z’Amis network, and a national or European level through the In Situ and ZEPA networks.