Culture Commune, the Pas-de-calais mining area National Stage

Z’ArtsUp ! festival, a week-end of performances in the streets of Béthune on 23, 24 and 25 April 2010 ; « La Fête de la Chartreuse », in the Gosnay village in mid-September ; And art performances throughout the season

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Arts organisation dedicated to performing arts (street arts, circus, theatre, contemporary dance, street dance, theatrical compositions, young audience, multimedia), Culture Commune, National Centre in the mining Pas-de-Calais region, implements artistic actions with an asserted interdisciplinary orientation and boroughwide cultural projects in partnership with the towns involved : touring, creations, coproductions, artists in residence, artistic training development (practical workshops, lessons, courses, public awareness...) and reaching new audiences. Culture Commune, National Centre covers 34 mining towns in the Pas-de-Calais region (North of France).

La Fabrique Théâtrale

La Fabrique Théâtrale, a space for creation and encounters ...

La Fabrique Théâtrale From the beginning of the « Culture Commune » adventure, the approach consisted in creating the conditions to facilitate encounters between art forms and audience as well as between artists and the community « in any possible ways and any possible place ». By setting up its headquarters in the 11/19 former mining industrial wasteland in Loos-en-Gohelle in 1998, Culture Commune uses this « symbolic Mecca » to draw up its action in an area that is aware and proud its past, and to build up the future around cultural development.

La Fabrique Théâtrale therefore settled in the former « salle des pendus » (1 central nave and 2 studios) to make it a research, work and artistic creation space. For the last two years, Culture Commune has been using this unique place to show more art performances than ever before. The team regularily organises public events (experimental projects, workshops, artists’ « carte blanche »...).
la Fabrique Théâtrale also includes three resource centres (multimedia, theatrical compositions, living history and art creation) open to the public and the artists.
La Fabrique Théâtrale contributes to the booming development of Culture Commune’s artistic project (which, as a result, gained the National Centre recognition in 1999) particularly around artistic creation, long-term support to artists and companies (eg Hendrick Van Der Zee company), implementation of interdisciplinary artistic research laboratories (with directors, choreographers, composers, playwrights, video directors,...), public presentations of artistic work.

Culture Commune and arts in public places...

In terms of street-art work, Culture Commune has supported many art companies since its creation. It has also been part of « Fabriques in progress » (PECA) since 2001, the European project that became ZEPA (European Zone of Artistic Projects) in 2009. It enabled Culture Commune to work with street-arts companies such as Transe Express, Kumulus, Métalovoice, Red Earth (UK), Provisoire and Martinez & Fabrega (UK), KompleXKapharnaüM, Wild Works (UK), Generik Vapeur and many others !

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Wild Works - Fête de la Chartreuse 2006
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Générik Vapeur - Festival Z’Arts Up !