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Générik Vapeur

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Generik Vapeur is the French associated company of the ZEPA network who developed some exciting shows (Waterlitz) and community arts projects over the 3 years of the ZEPA.

Musical street-theatre company created in 1984 and based in Marseille, Générik Vapeur proud themselves to be a “traffic of actors and machinery”.

About twenty technicians-artists make up the company, who develops their artistic work on the scale of a town or a landscape, finding inspiration from its people and from what can be found on site, whether it is recycled industrial materials, objects and machinery of the day-to-day life or the memory of the sites, visuals, etc.

Générik Vapeur have no borders and turn any public spaces into their creative space, whether it is in France or abroad. Their creativity and artistic production are always developed through and thanks to local informal groups, formed organically through the reflection and creative process.

Générik Vapeur, “Bivouac”


The Omni Idéal X , called like that in reference to the Ideal X this boat that carried for the very first time prototypes of containers in 1956, is dominating the city.

From his 20 metres high, this stallion with nerves of steel made of 8 containers is observing the world and its evolution. This creature born from the boundless imagination of Caty Avram and Pierre Berthelot invites us to resist against the systematic canning which kidnaps our harbours and our landscapes, dehumanizes and disenchants our world.

With Waterlitz, the Générik Vapeur company explores the concerns of our time by means of gripping images and electrifying music: globalisation, over-consumption, materialism, crisis, thaw, tyranny, clandestineness …

As an associated company of the ZEPA network, Caty Avram and Pierre Berthelot have travelled all over the 9 territories of the project to create this unique show. Peter Pan, the Titanic, Big Ben, the Tea Time or the bagpipes refer to this journey on both side of the Channel.

Waterlitz is a real poetic as well as political pamphlet that wants to involve us in the defence of all the species including the human one, which is also running the risk to be put into a box.

Official website : http://www.generikvapeur.com

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