Street Dance – England / Warwickshire

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- Programmed at : FAR du Pays de Morlaix in 2010


- Programmed at : Hat Fair in 2008 ; Pic-Nic on the Bridge (Relecq-Kerhuon) in 2010

Motionhouse is one of the leading dance companies in the UK internationally recognized. Since 1988, under the direction of Kevin Finnan and Louise Richards, the company creates highly physical and acrobatic dance shows telling stories about everyday life with which the audience can identify. The company is also working on performances with choreographies in situ (parks, shopping centres, heritage sites…). Underground - Pic-Nic on the Bridge (2010)

Underground - Pic-Nic on the Bridge (2010)

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Le Fourneau - Far de Morlaix

Le Fourneau - Le Relecq Kerhuon

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