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The Strangelings - or how to perfectly manage the art of being quirky

Monday 15 February 2010 , par auteur Aurelien Marteaux (traduction Valérie Gooch)

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The festival-goers of the first edition of Fish & Chips could not have been more amazed… I am talking about the amazing artists of British company The Strangelings. Sudden appearances, interactive installation, show cheerfully absurd, and transformation of the usual bar at the Atelier 231 into a good old English pub, The Strangelings are into everything, mastering the tricky art of being quirky.
Story of a theatrical marathon…
[Friday 29 January]

7.36 pm, Promenade des Anglais.
Amazing scene presented by The explorers on a polar expedition on La Promenade des Anglais and its seaside all lit-up…!

9.33 pm, entrance hall of l’Atelier
On the invitation of “gentlemen photographers” Henry Burns and George Entwhistle, the Fish & Chips public have their photograph taken in the “old British” way, with hats, moustaches and jackets to be worn…! An entertaining experience with a photo souvenir for participants to bring home.

11.12 pm, the Tender
The highlight of this fantastic journey into the company’s universe, would undoubtedly be Tandem. A breath of fresh air in a sportivo-comic striptease style which pleases the zygomatics. The show perfectly sums up the famous expression “the ridiculous does not kill”. And the ridiculous, when completely borne, becomes an art for these two Brits who become masters on the subject !

1.01 am, « The Red Lion » pub
It is finally break-time for the company The Strangelings and David Bernstein, their Artistic Director. An opportunity for the artists to have a welkl deserved drink at “The Red Lion”, Atelier 231 bar -cum English pub for 3 days, designed and put together by David.

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