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15 British companies in St Acheul this weekend !

mercredi 22 juin 2011 , par Mathilde Vautier

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« I’m not too sure where I am to be honest...and if I had been told yesterday that I would be watching a show through a giant pig and that I would be drinking tea with some lovely strangers, I wouldn’t have believed it !"

But it is exactly what was happening in St Acheul in Amiens this weekend, as part of La Fête dans la Ville. This area, partly built by British industrials in 19th Century, was turned into a British street-party for the time of an afternoon.

How ? By bringing 15 outdoor arts companies from across the Channel, performing in front of these imposing terrassed houses with typical French windows, in Avenue de Londres and Avenue d’Edimbourg amongst other local streets ; by involving local residents, who put their tables and chairs out on the street and served the famous British national beverage to audience members and passers-by ; by not forgetting the rain (for the cliché !), which didn’t prevent the UK companies (used to it ?) from amazing and making people smile...and stay.

A packed programme including cabaret, dance, circus, storytelling with companies used to being presented within the European Zone of Artistic Projects (Larkin About, Mario Queen, Rimski, Pete Sweet) or performing for ZEPA for the first time, like River People ...

... Ramshacklicious

... ou Stop Gap, who presented "Tracking" as part of their professional exchange with Picardie-based company Charli Encor, part of this year’s Hat Fair in Winchester with Ballet de Chaises.

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