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21st December 2011 : Waterlitz’s Omni Idéal X unveiled !

vendredi 16 décembre 2011 , par Mathilde Vautier

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On 21st December 2011, it is ’Special Night’ at the Cité des Arts de la Rue in Marseille. Special because amongst the various presentations to be held at the event is the very special and official unveiling of the Omni Ideal X.

Central piece of Waterlitz , French company Générik Vapeur’s new show supported by ZEPA, this 20m high giant made of 8 containers has just been built in Marseille, where Générik Vapeur is based, and the construction was carried out by Atelier Sud Side.

The Omni is this ’immense metallic scarecrow’ as creators Pierre Berthelot et Caty Avram, Générik Vapeur’s directors call it, symbol of the dehumanisation of the ports around the world and ghosts of globalisation.

The company will be animating this huge structure as part of Waterlitz, a show that will be touring the nine ZEPA areas between May and September 2012.

Some of the ZEPA partners will attend this event on 21st December, which will also be an opportunity for the Cité des Arts de la rue’s other residents to present some of their works.


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